HOSS Heroes team will apreciate any kind of support! If you would like to become a volunteer on one of our events or you want to donate funds, everything counts!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: contact.

Wire instructions for your donations:

HOSS HEROES, n.o., Karpatska 7537, 911 01 Trencin, ICO: 37923994,
Bank name: SLSP SK9809000000005112532522,

Dear friends and supporters,

HOSS HEROES not-for-profit organization of Marian and Marcel Hossa would like to approach you regarding donation of 2% of your tax paid as an individual/employee or corporation.

HOSS Heroes, n.o. goal is to facilitate charity, improve conditions and comunity relations in the area of youth sport and other activities in cooperation with our founders and supporters.

We have great interest in long-term mutualy beneficial relationships to fulfil objectives of our not-for-profit organization. With best intentions in mind, transparent financing and hard work of our volunteers we can give back as BIG Heroes (our donors and supporters) to our little heroes, which should make all of us proud!

You are more than welcomed to join our team any time!

Where goes the funds and 2% of your tax:

HOSS Heroes, not-for-profit organization does NOT cover any expenses associated with salaries and fixed costs of our office. All is done on volunteer basis of our team and partners. Every cent is spent on direct events, programs to benefit good cause and projects organized by our not-for-profit organization!

Why donate:

Not all talented kids in Slovakia has the possibility to play their favorite sport in todays world of money. Therefore, we try to make sport available for as many children as possible and promote the healthy life style. Another programs of our organization are assisting via charitable events disadvantaged groups, minorities and disabled citizens. 

Thank you for your time and assistance! We appreciate your kind support and wish you and your families all the very best! 
Kind regards,

Marián Hossa    Marcel Hossa