Young Stars Club

Mission of „Young Stars Club“ is to make ice hockey available to every young kid that has a passion for this sport. Foremost goal si to give opportunity to develop talent while minimizing the costs for young families. 

Thanks to donations from Alpinka golf charity cup and mainly to endorsement contract of Marian Hossa with CCM, we were able to secure complete sets of hockey equipment for players and goalies for children (4-7yrs old). We want to support orphans, single-parent and low income families and make hockey available sport for their children and grow their talent that would be otherwise vasted. We have put together certain criteria and the board to approve the requests for renting the hockey equipment from our organization on yearly basis. We also educate parents and kids to care for the game and equipment that we can pass this opportunity for more kids in the future and maintain the equipment in a good shape. When Marian takes a good care of his hockey sticks they will take care of him during the game! This message is to be shared and stressed the values and attitude, whcih you can see in the following video:



Bsic criteria for renting the hcokey equipment:

  • exceptional talent
  • low income families
  • single-parent families
  • very good grades at school and passion for hockey
  • recommendation of a coach

Download and fill in the form to request the equipment and forward to us via email:

Program Partner of „Young Stars Club“ is CCM / Reebok.