OUR Heroes

Thanks to all of our HEROES (our supporters) and we welcome others to join this outstanding and generous companies and individuals! Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to give you more information as how you can support our organization.

Corporate partners

HOSS CORP, a.s. HO&PE, s.r.o. Chicago Blackhawks 2010

Orange Slovensko, a.s. J&T BANKA, a.s. Chicago Blackhawks 2013

SLOVENSKÁ SPORITEĽŇA Futbalový klub AS Trenčín

Individual supporters

Tomáš Kopecký
BIG THX to our friend and former Marian's teammate Tomáš Kopecky! Thank you!-)
  Michal David
Special thanks to Michal David, who supported us without requests for reimbursement and contributed significantly by his presence and donations to our charity! Michal, THANK YOU!

  Thank you to our supporters via Silent Auction 

Anton Lomov, Marek Strapek, Jozef Urblik, Pavol Záhradník, Daniel Bradáč, Branislav Celler, Stanislav Bíroš, Peter Holik, Fedor Dunajčík, Ján Slivovský, Maroš Sýkora, Anton Lomov, Peter Holik, Jana Marcova, Lucia Prvá, Martin Kovacik, Peter Hanáček, Miroslav Vrábel, Peter Neveriš, VšZP and SLSP
František Pinter and Miroslav Rendko