Welcome to official web page of our not-for-profit organization HOSS Heroes. Its founders are HOSS CORP and succesful hockey bros Marian and Marcel HOSSA.

Corporations, employees, investors and customers give social responsibility and philantrophy more importance. Marian Hossa and his brother Marcel are not only exceptional Slovak ice hockey players, but also well known persons, who know where to stand in this area. Marian is supporter of similar foundations connecting with his name overseas for a long time. Therefore, it was natural that alongside his businesses in Slovakia, he has interest to assist the communities where he grew up. We would like to introduce to you HOSS Heroes, not-for-profit organization, which goal is to organize charity events, improve conditions and community relations in the area of youth sport and other activities.

While Marcel, Marian and his corporations are the main contributors to the chairty.  

HOSS Heroes is not-for-profit organization facilitating generally beneficial services, not a foundation or financial fond and that is the reason why we are not able to make direct donations and funding. Foremost goal is to build on volunteering basis our own activities and programs for targeted groups and communities. Thank you for your support and understanding!


Marián Hossa was born on January 12, 1979 and was no different from other kids on the block. He was dreaming his childhood dreams and thanks to his parents and his strong will and passion he made it to become one of the best Slovak ice hockey players and NHL All Star.