Marian Hossa supported HK DUKLA Trencin!

Marian Hossa supported HK DUKLA Trencin not only by his presence and trouble shot entrée during the opening night of the season, but also donated hockey equipment to its youth hockey program!


He dropped the puck and scored on two out of his three wrist shots from under the roof of Trencin hockey arena. Marian also decided to donate via his HOSS Heroes not-for-profit organization complete sets of hockey equipment for youngest kids to attract more kids to the great game of hockey! Many young families do not know that DUKLA is not charging any fees for the youngest kids and they can also rent the equipment for symbolic amount. This way hockey becomes even cheaper than soccer or tennis. HOSS Heroes not-for-profit organization of HOSSA brothers is also trying to do its best to support talented kids. Therefore, we will be very happy if this message is going to be wide spread and we will be able to contribute to grow of more talent and successful representation.