Programs and projects

The goal of our not-for-profit organization is to play by example where our businesses and partners show their interest to help and do things for a good cause and this way motivate others to do the same! We want to stress our values, objectives, principles and attitude in every project we do! 

Not all talented kids in Slovakia has the possibility to play their favorite sport in todays world of money. Therefore, we try to make sport available for as many children as possible and promote the healthy life style. Another programs of our organization are assisting via charitable events disadvantaged groups, minorities and disabled citizens.

HOSS Heroes has great interest in building long-term mutualy beneficial relationships to fulfil the objectives of our organization. With best intentions in mind, transparent financing and hard work of our volunteers we can give back as BIG Heroes (our donors and supporters) to our little heroes, which should make all of us proud!

If you like what we do, we will be more than happy if you join us in our efforts and projects. For more information please click here.